knee pain: - The problem of knee joint pain is becoming common nowadays, many times it happens that due to injury due to some reason or due to increasing age or weakening of bones in old age, often the knees I feel knee joint pain. In this post, we are telling you some home remedies to get relief from knee joint pain, after using it, you will get relief from knee joint pain in about 7 days. Knee Pain Relief cream.

It is often not common to have knee pain. And if you are also troubled by the pain in your knees. You have problems getting up to sit. If there is a pain in the knees while climbing the stairs, do not worry, there is a cure for the pain of the knees. Treatment of knee joint pain is very simple and effective. If you try these remedies then you will get relief from knee pain.

Treatment of knee pain

If you have persistent or slight pain or severe pain in your knees, then try the home remedies given here and you will get complete relief from these home remedies within 7 to 15 days and then your knee will never ache again do. To make a painkiller for the knees, try some of the tips given below.

It is believed that bones begin to ache when they get old.  But it is not so. There are many reasons for the pain in the knees. like

  • Wrong-way to lift more weight
  • Bend your knees
  • Ignore chronic knee injury
  • Do not stretch the body and do body warmup before exercising
  • Wrong eating and living
  • All these can cause pain in the knees. Keep this in mind for a few things.
  • The cause of most of the pain in the body is mentioned above. So do not repeat them. This can be very dangerous for you.
Knee Pain Treatment, Causes, Remedies, Symptoms

Pain-relieving turmeric paste

If you are suffering from any injury or knee pain, take a painkiller paste of turmeric and apply it on the place of your injury or on the place of knee pain, it provides relief very quickly.  For how to make a pain-relieving turmeric paste, first of all, take a teaspoon of turmeric powder and a teaspoon of powdered sugar and add bora or honey to it, and add a pinch of lime and make a paste-like this by adding a little water.

After making this paste, place a slip on the place of your spoon, man who suffers from knee pain, and tie a bandage or old cotton cloth on top of it and keep it overnight and wash it with plain water in the morning.  But by doing this in this way for about 1 week to 2 weeks, by applying it, you will get relief in the pain caused by an internal stretch of your knee, and this page ends your pain from the root.

Dried turmeric with paste on wooden surface

Ginger paste to relieve pain

Ginger, a pain reliever made from ginger, can also prove to be beneficial as a very good pain reliever, to take a painkiller, you can use a small spoon of fennel powder and a little bit of sesame oil and then add a thick paste.  Make it like a paste.

In the place of pain or sprain or in the pain of injury, you should apply this painkiller ginger paste to the affected area lightly and leave it on for 3 hours, after which wash it with water.  By doing this, you get complete relief in the pain of the knee in the week and if the muscles also feel stretched then it also keeps going.

Ginger paste

Treatment of palm pain in dates

Eating 5-6 dates daily is very beneficial in the winter season, you can also consume dates in this way, soak 6-7 dates in the night at night and eat these dates on an empty stomach in the morning as well.  Also, drink water in which you soaked dates in the night.  Apart from knee pain, it also gives relief to your joint pain.

Bowl of dried dates isolated on white background

You can also relieve your knee pain with some medicines present in your home. In this, you have to take half a cup of mustard oil, then peel raw garlic in it and give it a pulse. Then this mustard oil has to be heated on low flame.  And heat it till the garlic is cooked.  Then leave this oil mixture to cool down.  When it is cold, massage it with light hands on your knees. If you do this remedy for 1 to 2 days, your knee Joint pain will disappear completely.


  • Coconut oil is better

Coconut oil has big benefits. Coconut oil not only makes your hair strong, but it helps in strengthening man.

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