Knee Pain Exercise:- If you have undergone any kind of surgery in your knees or you have an arthritis problem then you should exercise. Exercise gives you flexibility which helps you to get relief from knee pain.  In fact, exercise is better for your knee pain. If you do not walk much, then because of this, your knee pain can worsen more. So you should keep your knees moving. Exercise must be done otherwise it can be quite rigorous. Exercise strengthens your muscles.  Effect on your knee joints by keeping muscles strong. And stress can be reduced. You should ask your doctor once before exercising that exercise is safe for your knees. We will tell you some exercises today, by doing this you will get rid of many problems. You should do this exercise exactly as we have told you. For that follow the article below.

Exercise for knee pain

(1) Stretching Exercise

(2) Strengthening Exercise

(3) Other Types of Exercise

Stretching Exercise

Performing stretching exercises can improve speed and flexibility in your knee joint.  This can make it easier to move your knee and do warming for 10 minutes before doing this exercise. Once done warmed up, do the following three stretches, and then repeat them once completed the knee strengthening exercises. You have to do this exercise at least four to five times a week.

  1. Heel and calf stretch
  2. Quadriceps stretch
  3. Hamstring stretch
stretching exercise

Strengthening Exercise

Exercising strengthens the muscles around your knees and helps reduce stress on your knee joint.  You will do this 7 strength exercise to reduce your hamstring, quadriceps, glutes, and hips muscles.  Effective in strengthening your knees.

  1. Half squat
  2. Calf raises
  3. Hamstring curl
  4. Leg extension
  5. Straight leg raises
  6. side leg raises
  7. Prone leg raises

Other types of exercise

After doing stretching exercises and strengthening exercise, you build strength in your knees.  Once you have done this exercise properly with steps, then you can include your routine exercise in it. Some good examples of low-impact exercises include:

  1. yoga
  2. Tai chi
  3. Elliptical machine
  4. Swimming
  5. Stationary cycling
  6. Water aerobics
  7. Walking

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