Jumping Jacks For Abs: Welcome to the 100 Jumping jacks challenge. Jumping jacks are great cardio and weight loss exercise. If you are looking to lose weight, We recommend performing 10 sets of 100 repetitions per week.

How to Jumping Jacks For Abs?

1) Get together your feet.
2) Take your arms by your side.
3) Jump now with your feet apart.
4) Your hands must be overhead.
5) Take Return Step now till the start position.

Now Repeat it again and again. Make it at least 15-20 repetition. This exercise can be added in the warmup process. It also gives a full-body workout. It Targets all your big muscle groups.

See below image For Better Instruction

Jumping Jacks For Abs | Best Workout for Abs

Check out Below Video

Benefits of Jumping Jacks

1) It completely reduces stress and anxiety.
2) It also helps in building muscle strength.
3) it creates the true muscles in your body.
4) Helps to reduce overall body fat.
5) This exercise targets multiple body parts like- calves, hip abductors, core muscles, abs, lower back muscles, and shoulder abductors.
6) It basically targets your Abodminal part.
7) It also helps you to get the best Six Pack abs.
8) If you want to lose most of your body fat, You can start doing this exercise and get the best results with just a few days.
9)This exercise really helps you burn body fat.
10) This is a full-body exercise.
11) Even in the morning stretch, you can add this exercise.
12) This is the Best Stretch workout for women.

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