Incline Triceps Extension: - Incline Tricep Extension is a great movement to isolate your triceps muscles. This is one of the exercises which can help you in making bigger arms. It can be performed by dumbbell as well as on the bar. That’s a great exercise to increase the size of your triceps if done with proper steps as it really hits your all three triceps head. This exercise is performed on an easy bar which is also known as a curl bar.

How to do the Incline Triceps Extension?


  • The first thing which you need o to perform this exercise is an incline bench and bar.
  • Now hold the bar with an overhand grip that’s a little close than shoulder width.
  • Now lift the bar and lie on an incline bench.
  • Now bring the bar overhead with your arms bend and elbows in. the bar should be behind your head. This will be your starting position.
  • Now without moving upper arm extend your elbows and brings the weight down slowly.
  • After you bring the weight down bring weight to the starting position.
  • Now follow the same steps and perform the expected number of repetitions.

Follow Below Image and Video for the better understanding

Incline Triceps Extension

Common Mistakes Done During Incline Triceps Extension

  1. A mistake that people do while performing this exercise is that when they take the weight down they touch the bat to their head which is wrong.
  2. When this exercise is performed with a close grip what people do is hold the bar too close which may lead to injury to the wrist.
  3. Some people lift too heavy which is not good for their joints as when you lift too heavy you make jerk which may cause injury in joints.
  4. Try to do a quality number of reps instead of quantity. What some people do is that they perform an exercise at a very fast pace which not good, try to make the body-mind connection and perform reps slowly so that the weight goes on muscle in Incline Triceps Extension.

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