In and Outs exercise: This is a full-body exercise. You can Do full stretching with this exercise. You Can also engage your Abs muscles. While you sit in the V-Sit Position it engages the rectus abdominis. While doing this exercise you also Hit the external obliques and internal obliques. This exercise also targets the hip flexors while doing it. This is the best way to easily improve the core and trunk balance.

How to do In and Outs exercise?

1) Put the mat horizontally on the ground.
2) Get to the Push-up position.
3) Take your hands wider than shoulder-width apart.
4) Jump your feet to your hands and then jump them straight back.
5) Keep your back straight and then jump over the left, while keeping your knees together.
6) Repeat this 15-20 Times.

We Always Recommend you to Check Image for the better Practices

In and Outs exercise

We Always Recommend you to Check Below Video for the Best Practices

Benefits of In and Outs exercise

1) It totally helps to control your weight.
2) It also reduces the risk of heart diseases.
3) it also helps to manage the blood sugar and insulin levels.
4) It also helps you to remove your belly fat.
5) You can remove fat from your overall body.

It's Mostly recommended to take at least 10-12 Reps. But, Most of the People unable to perform Minimum Reps like 10-12. It's actually a little hard workout. Because while doing this workout you need to move your total Body. This workout is really too challenging.

If you are really feeling the burn in your Abs and other body parts, Means you are on the exact position. Go On.

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