Immunity power: is a kind of strength or ability that your body can fight with lot s of diseases. And it is really a good power of you and is necessary also .as you have listened that in about corona that our immunity power can defeat corona .your immune system mean a lot there if your immunity power is good corona cannot do anything of would have done with you also that you get ill suddenly and after some time you get well soon so it is because of your immunity power. This time good immunity power is very important to fight with corona, there are some ways that you can increase your immunity power naturally.


1 Do exercise

2Keep your body hydrated

3Take proper sleep

4Dont take the stress

45at more plant foods

6Take sugar to a limit

7Do moderate exercise

8Have a balanced diet

9Eat healthy fats and take probiotic supplements

Do exercise

Exercise plays an important role in your health it is helpful to boost your immunity power, it is able to fight with corona the person who exercises that person does not affect by corona more and if he or she is corona patient so he get well soon also. we always say you that exercise is the solution of every illness, It gives you long life and protect you from many diseases it helps you to look young for many years .people always search for new ways to get a fit, healthy body but they don’t understand but your these all wish can complete by the only exercise. You have to just give some time to exercise.

Keep your body hydrated


A hydrated body is very important for you, You should drink at least 2litter water in a day .water is very important for you you don’t eat food but drink more water it boosts your immunity power so many people have not habit to drink more water so they can drink half litter in the morning, half litter in afternoon half-liter you can at 7 clock and half litter 10 clock at least drinking 1/2liter water is most essential.

Take a proper sleep

Proper sleep is very for you. when we sleep our body gets to relax and body parts recover. we have to do lots of work of mind so our mind gets tired now it has need to take relax there is a deep connection of sleep to immunity. when you don’t take proper sleep so you can get ill soon proper sleep makes your immunity power strong. Young people should sleep 7to 8 hours, the teenager should sleep 8to 10 hours, and for baby 14 to 16 hours sleep

Don’t take the stress

Stress makes your body weed as well as stress reduce your thinking power it affects your body and mind very badly by that you can be affected by heart disease, blood pressure Imbalancesimmune cell functions. you should do exercise jogging stay in between people for sometimes or spend time with nature for reducing stress.

Eat more plant food

Eat more plant food and whole plant food. wheat, rise pules seed nuts vegetables these all are plant’s food it is really good for you it has antioxidant properties that decrease inflammation by fighting with unstable compounds it also keeps you healthy and it is good for your immune system.

Take sugar in the limit

Eating more sugar is bad for you it is the cause of sugar illness diabetes, it is the cause of overweight or obesity. Obesity can increase the risk of getting sick so you should take sugar in your food in a limit. don’t’ drink more sweeten drink or don’t eat more sweets.

Do moderate exercise

Walking jogging, running is called moderate exercise it is very good for your health .it is one of the best exercises when you walk or do running so first weight goes less and second thing is your mood get fresh and you feel good as you would have listened that dancing is also an exercise so you should do as much you can do.

Have a balanced diet

You should have a balanced diet it is important for you and you should eat homemade food more, not junk food. outsider food is poorly made that can make you ill. You should take at least five things in your food like pules rice, chapatti, egg, vegetables, and meal .this is a balanced diet. eat more grains.


Eat healthy fats and take probiotic supplements

You should eat beneficial bacterial probiotic food you will get t probiotic food in yogurt, kimchi, and natto .it is good for your digestive system and make your immune system better than a normal immune system .so don't miss to taking probiotic supplements.


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