How to do Squats: - Squat is a great and simple exercise to make your legs strong which doesn’t need any equipment. It hits your most of legs' muscles which include the thigh, hamstring, and many more. This exercise can be performed anywhere like in-ground, at home, at the gym. This is also known as warm-up exercise because before starting major exercises of legs this exercise is performed to activate muscles.

How to do Squats:-

  1. To perform this exercise all you need is free space. Before performing this exercise also remember to wear shoes with hard soul.
  2. Open your legs more than the width of your shoulder.
  3. Place your hands on the backside of your neck.
  4. Go down slowly and make an angle of about 80 degrees between your hamstring and calf muscle.
  5. Exert pressure with your foot and come back to the initial position.
  6. Repeat steps and perform the expected number of repetitions.

Check out below image

How to do Squats

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Common Mistake Done During Squat:-

  1. Wearing foot ware which has a soft soul.
  2. Bad leg placement exerts unnecessary pressure on the knees.
  3. Doing exercise at a very high pace has a bad effect on joints.
  4. Going too down can give long term injury in knees.
  5. Not performing a full range of motion.
  6. Doing incomplete squats.

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