How to do Squats Exercise?

1)Stand up straight and trap so you want your feet about shoulder-width apart completely.
2)Power up your arm out. you need to balance and going to slowly lower your body control butter stick your arm doesn't start to stick out.
3)You need to see neutral spine straight back really fit into that spot when you're to a 90-degree angle,
4) just sit in a spot and then you're gonna slowly bring it up it's all about it's going to there.

Follow the instructions given in the below image for How to Do Squats Exercise

How to Do Squats Exercise

Now the next move is to just take standard squat just the once. Now Sit slowly down and take your body up, Down-up, Down-up. Repeat it as a minimum of 10 Repetition. you need to skip howdy to bounce bounce bounce. This time your leg fats are burning, you just need to Feel it.

We always recommend you check out videos to get the best understanding.

Benefits of Squats

1) You can increase the Strengthens of your core muscles.
2) This exercise can actually reduce the risk of injuries.
3) If you are having so much fat, You are highly recommended to do this exercise.
4) This exercise can easily Strengthen the muscles of the lower body.
5) If you want to Strengthen you thigh muscle.
6) This can actually get your motivation to the next level.
7) This is the workout that can be done anywhere.
8) If You are really interested to do this exercise you can do it without any Gym Equipment.

We always recommend you to follow this exercise for your body fitness. If you are a regular Runner, Your Thigh muscle must be Strong. If you also wish to have a good Thigh, You actually need to follow Squats exercise.


Few More Squats

  • Goblet Squat
  • Single-Leg Bulgarian Split Squat

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