Home Remedies for Cough: - There are some diseases like cold, cough, headache, cold which can happen to anyone at any time. If you have a cough problem, you cannot do any work comfortably. Cough can be due to changing weather, drinking cold-hot food or due to allergy to dust or anything else. The pain is even worse when there is a cough. Let us tell you about some easy ways to avoid cough. Home Remedies for Cough.

  • Grind dry ginger

Grind dry ginger and boil it in water for a long time. When one-fourth remains, take it three to four times a day when it is lukewarm.  Will benefit immediately.

dry ginger
  • Gargling

Gargling with lukewarm water also provides relief to the throat and also reduces cough.

Gargling with lukewarm water
  • Boil basil leaves

Boil basil leaves, 5 black peppercorns, 5 pieces black manuka, 6 grams wheat flour bran, 6 grams liquorice, 3 grams banana flowers in 200 grams water. Let it cool down to 1/2 and filter it.  Then after heating and pouring Natasha, drink it hot while sleeping at night and sleep with a sheet and avoid the wind.  Whatever the cough, it will be fine.

Boil basil leaves
  • Black Pepper, Powder

Make a decoction of black pepper, powder of green leaves and pippali and take it twice a day, it ends cough quickly.

black pepper
  • Honey

Mixing one spoon of honey with ground black pepper and drinking it also cures cough soon.

honey with ground black
  • Ginger Juice

Taking one teaspoon of ginger juice mixed with a quarter of honey and a pinch of turmeric ends cough quickly.

teaspoon of ginger juice
  • Radish Juice

Mixing an equal quantity of radish juice and milk, taking 1-1 spoon six times a day also provides quick benefit.

radish juice and milk
  • Asafetida

Make tablets by mixing asafetida, black pepper and nagarmotha with jaggery. Taking two tablets daily after meals provides relief in cough and phlegm.

  • Carom Seeds

Mix 1 spoon of carom seeds and turmeric and heat it, then after it cools down, add honey and drink, it ends cough soon.

carom seeds

In case of cough

  • heat the nuggets of rock salt well on the fire. When the salt nuggets become red hot, then immediately put them in half a cup of water and take them out.  After that drink this salty water.  Cough ends after drinking such water for 2-3 days at bedtime.
  • Cough is quickly cured by taking honey, raisins and raisins together.
  • Honey in Triphala

Mix an equal quantity of honey in Triphala and take, it is beneficial in all types of cough.

honey in Triphala
  • Tea of B​basil

Taking tea of ​​basil, black pepper and ginger also end cough soon.

Tea of B​basil
  • Salt, Turmeric, Cloves and Basil Leaves

Boil salt, turmeric, cloves and basil leaves in water. Filter this water and drink it lukewarm at night while sleeping. Cough completely ends within 7 days with its continuous consumption.

16. Boil salt, turmeric, cloves and basil leaves
  • Betel Leaf

Taking betel leaf and little carom seeds, a pinch of black salt and honey together also gives benefit in cough.

Betel leaf isolated on white background
  • Peanuts

To prevent cough, one should avoid eating peanuts, spicy and sour things, cold water, curd, pickles, citrus fruits, bananas, cold drinks, tamarind, fried-roasted things.

  • Grinding Black Pepper

In dry cough, grinding black pepper and roasting it in ghee is also very good.

grinding black pepper
  • Chewing

Chewing by adding black pepper to the batter also helps to reduce cough very quickly


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