Hip bridge and leg lift exercise: There are almost a hundred numbers of exercises you can follow to work on your butt. You can improve your butt by following these butt exercises. You can have multiple types of the squad and lunges exercises. But, The most important this is people forget about the Hip Raise Exercise.

How to Hip bridge and leg lift exercise?

1)Lie on your back on the floor.
2)Now lift your left leg straight toward up.
3) Drive all your weight into your heel that's on the floor.
4) Now lift your hips up. So, Your spine is neutral.
5) Exhale as you bring your hips up.
6) Inhale on the way down.
7) Now repeat the procedure.

Follow the image

Hip bridge and leg lift exercise

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These exercises target your glutes So that your booty can look great. You have multiple benefits of having good butts. For Example, Most of us have desk jobs. Like we perform 9-5 PM. So while sitting this much time our glutes get weak. Generally, this issue creates multiple issues like Lower back pain and pelvic instability.

You must try adding some hip up exercises in your daily workout routine to fight against the "sculpt an enviable booty" and “sleepy butt syndrome”.

What are Hip bridge and leg lift

It's one of the exercises that target your glutes while lifting your hips. This is the best exercise to target your glutes directly. This type of workout works for your glutes in isolation without other muscles. If you actually want to strengthen your glutes or activate them, The Hip bridge and leg lift exercise is the best one.

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