What is High Blood Pressure: - Increased blood pressure leads to sharp headaches, tiredness, leg pain, vomiting, and symptoms of irritability. It is not possible to completely eliminate this disease only with medicines, this disease is related to lifestyle and eating habits. This disease can be completely controlled by making necessary changes in life and diet. How to reduce high blood pressure. what is High Blood Pressure I will tell you symptoms and treatment also?


Main causes of high blood pressure

1) obesity

2) tension

3) Hormone Changes in Women

4) Using more salt

Main causes of high blood pressure

Now such simple home remedies will be discussed here, whose careful use can be found to completely control this dreadful disease without taking the pill capsules.

  • The most important thing is that the patient should reduce the use of salt completely. Salt is a major factor in increasing blood pressure.


  • A major cause of blood pressure is high is the thickening of the blood. Due to the thickening of the blood, its flow slows down. This increases pressure in the arteries and veins.


  • Garlic is a very helpful household item in correcting blood pressure. It does not allow the blood clots to settle. It is beneficial in arterial stiffness. Solves the condition of high cholesterol in the blood.


  • Mixing one big teaspoon of amla juice and the same amount of honey, taking it in the morning and evening helps in blood pressure.
  • When the blood pressure is increased, dissolve one spoon of black pepper powder in half a glass of warm water and keep it aside for 2-3 hours. Blood pressure is the best treatment to get it right.


  • Take an equal quantity of melon and poppy seeds of watermelon and grind them together. Take one spoon with water on an empty stomach in the morning and evening. Keep taking it for 3-4 weeks or as per need.


  • To control the increased blood pressure quickly, squeeze half a lemon in half glass of water and drink it at an interval of 2 to 2 hours. Beneficial treatment.


  • Take 10 leaves of Tulsi and 3 leaves of Neem with water on an empty stomach for 6 days.


walking benefits
  • Papaya should eat half a kilo every morning on an empty stomach. Do not eat anything for 2 hours later. Using it for one month will benefit a lot.


  • Walk 15-20 minutes on bare grass green grass. Blood pressure becomes normal by daily walking.


  • Take an equal quantity of fennel, cumin, sugar and make powder. Dissolve one teaspoon of mixture in a glass of water and drink it in the morning and evening.


  • Eating boiled potatoes is the best way to reduce blood pressure. Potatoes do not contain sodium (salt).
  • Drink a glass of juice of spinach and carrot juice in the morning and evening. Juices of other vegetables are also beneficial.


  • Do not take more than 3 grams of salt in a day.


  • Eggs and meat are the things that increase blood pressure. Blood pressure is prohibited for the patient.
  • Bitter gourd and drumstick pods are very beneficial for high blood pressure patients.


  • Banana, guava, shuffle are natural substances helpful in curing blood pressure disease.

Stop eating sweets and chocolate

  • Dry fruits: - Blood pressure patients such as almond cashew nuts, etc. are beneficial for the patient.


  • Rice: - (Brown) Lava in use. It contains salt, cholesterol, and fat. It is a very beneficial food for blood pressure patients. Calcium found in it also protects the Nadi Mandal.


  • Ginger: - Ginger is also very beneficial like onion and garlic. Bad cholesterol produces plaque on the walls of the arteries, ice calcium-rich scum, causing obstruction of blood flow and resulting in blood pressure high. Ginger contains very strong antioxidants which are very effective in bringing down bad cholesterol. Ginger also improves your blood circulation, relaxes the muscles around the arteries so that high blood pressure comes down.
Stop eating sweets and chocolate
  • Red pepper: - Due to the hardening of the arteries or due to plaque deposition in them, the blood vessels and veins become narrow due to which the blood flow becomes obstructed.  But with red chilies, the veins and blood vessels are widened, as a result, the blood flow becomes smooth

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