Herbal Beauty Tips for Skin: - As we know that nowadays women use many types of beauty tips to keep their skin beautiful, but we will tell you today about herbal beauty tips for skin. Not everyone uses herbal beauty tips for the skin. Nowadays our skin has to withstand pulsions that we use many chemical products to get rid of it which sometimes causes great damage to our skin. But if you use herbal beauty tips then it does not cause any harm to your skin. Today we will tell you some such herbal beauty tips.  For that follow the article below.

Herbal beauty tips 1

Herbal beauty tips

  1. Grapes
  2. Cucumber juice, glycerin, and rose water
  3. Sandalwood, turmeric, and milk
  4. Honey and Cinnamon Powder
  5. Fresh milk, salt, and lemon juice


As you know, winter has come. In winter, our skin becomes very dry and starts to crack. If we use grapes on our skin, then it ends the dryness in your skin. Grapes contain vitamin C which makes our skin shiny. You can also take a grape, cut it from the middle, rub it on your face or make a paste by crushing it and apply it to your face.

Cucumber juice, glycerin, and rose water

Cucumber juice, glycerin, and rose water you know how beneficial rose water is for our skin.  Applying rose water keeps our skin fresh and brings a natural glow to it. But if we apply rose water, cucumber juice, and glycerin, then it will also benefit our skin immensely.

You have to apply the mixture of these three things before getting out in the sun and you can apply this mixture on your face even after coming from outside. This will make your face glow a lot.

Sandalwood, turmeric, and milk

Every person uses sandalwood paste on their screen. Sandalwood paste enhances our skin. If we add a few more things in sandalwood, then it makes our skin very fresh. Mix sandalwood powder, turmeric, and milk in a bowl and put it on your face, and leave it for a few minutes. Then remove it. By applying this, you will see the glow and freshness of the natural in your skin.

Honey and Cinnamon Powder

It is also proven to be beneficial for our skin in many ways. Cinnamon can also be used by people who have oily skin and have acne problems. If you have a problem with acne, mix one-part cinnamon and three parts, honey. Leave this paste on your face overnight and remove it in the morning.  This will make a difference on your face and will improve your face.

Fresh milk, salt, and lemon juice

Do you know that raw milk is also a very good beauty supplement? Boiled milk is not as rich in nutrients as raw milk. We usually care for our skin with natural ingredients as they are made from essential minerals. Take a bowl, add fresh milk, a pinch of salt, and a little lemon juice. This mixture cleanses your skin and opens the pores.

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