Heels to the heavens Exercise: This exercise is also recommended to most of the celebrities by their fitness experts. Now to get a fit life and healthy body, You actually need to add these types of workout in your daily routine. While once it was believed, doing hundreds of reps of Heels to the heavens exercise is secret of getting strong firm abs. This is the move that can not be found on even any machine. While stabilizing the bodyweight help engage more of the core muscles. While following this exercise you're actually fully training your abdominal part. while in research it is founded that abdominal and thigh workouts are the only most effective for weight loss.

How to do Heels to the heavens Exercise?

1)Sit on your Legs and make it straight
2) Pu your legs up, Straight toward the Sky.
3) Now bring your heel just straight up
4) Minimize the space that your feet move back and forth.
5) While doing this bring your hips off the ground.
6) Now just jump using your hips.

Heels to the heavens Exercise

We Recommend you to follow the above image and given the below video.

Benefits of Heels to the heavens

1) This exercise totally targets your lower abdominal muscles.
2) It also builds strength in your lower abdominal.
3) This is an overall bodyfat Removal exercise.
4) You can easily get your belly fatless, in just a few days.
5) Now get your abs in an easy way by this workout.
6) Best Exercise to lose your weight.
7) By doing this exercise you actually burn the muscle of Rectus Abdominis.
8) while doing this exercise in a good manner you can burn 238 calories per hour (based on a bodyweight of 150 lbs).
9)You actually don't need any equipment to do this exercise.
10) You can just do this exercise by using your own weight. No need to have any Gym subscription now.

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