Heel Touch For Side Fat: This exercise is the most popular cause this exercise can be done just by lifting your bodyweight. This workout Targets your Oblique, Rectus abdominal and Six-Pack also.

How to Do Heel Touch For Side Fat?

1)First Lie on the ground
2)Make your legs bent
3)Take your arms by your sides.
4)Slowly lift your upper body off the floor
5)make your hands alternately reach your heels.
6) Always keep your eyes on the ceiling while doing this exercise.
7) Keep your Chin off your chest
8) Maintain your head in a neutral position.
9) Breath out when you crunch and puch your belly button into the spine.

You Can also follow as shown in the image

Heel Touch For Side Fat

Workout structure: 3 Sets Minimum 10 Reps.

Check out Below Video (Most Recommended)

Benefits of Heel Touch
1) This workout is done to remove your side fat.
2) Decreases your overall body fat.
3) By adding this exercise in your workout you help yourself to target the oblique muscles. oblique muscles are those muscles those stick beside and in front of your belly.
4) It helps to strengthen these muscles which can help to tighten your entire side.

You can enter your weight and the duration of the workout while Calculating the number of calories you have burned.

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