Heart Disease Treatment: our heart is related to body health. So a healthy heart is very important. We can see many people while suffering from this disease in India, it has become a common disease, Minimum of 25-30% of people are struggling with this disease. It is really a very dangerous disease in this person can die also. Suddenly patient get a heart attack. Now today I am told you how to Heart Disease Treatment and what is the reason for Heart Disease Treatment.  

Causes of Heart disease

It has many causes of heart disease like stress, Unhealthy diet, lack of exercise, Overweight, Smoking.

Causes of Heart disease

Some exercise for heart disease:

  • Aerobic exercise
  • Stretching exercise
  • Strengthen exercise


  • Take healthy fat
  • Eat whole grains
  • Eat fruits and vegetables
  • Take protein

Some exercise for heart disease

  • Aerobic exercise
    Aerobic exercise like running, jogging, walking. it is good for your heart as well as for health also. When you go outside in the morning so you get fresh air. You can also burn fat. So you must walk outside on-road or park, by that you can reduce your stress.

Stretching exercise

  • Stretching exercise is a full-body exercise. For stretching exercise, you need a resistance band.  Put the resistance band’s middle part under your both legs and grab both sides with your hand. Now stretch the band to your shoulder. Take back and repeat it. stretch carefully to avoid injuries decreases the risk of injuries, good for your joints, the muscle can work more effectively. Do it for 2-5 minutes daily for one weak.
  • Some easy way to do stretching exercise

Exercise is the best way to be fit and healthy. it can give you relief from many diseases, like sugar, high blood pressure, diabetes, and Asthma.  As well as it is also good for the heart. So everybody must do this exercise daily in the morning.  also, say to your children about doing exercise.

  • Do warm-up before exercise

If you go to the gym so you should do a warm-up before doing Hard Core Exercises. Do Dynamic exercise, it is as like as sports activities, you should do this exercise slowly, after that you can your increase speed slowly.

  • Bring flexibility to your exercise

There should be flexibility in your exercise do stretching exercise slowly. You should choose a good flexible resistance band for doing the exercise. By that, you can do stretching exercises without any problem.

  • Strengthen exercise

Strength exercise means physical exercise like stretching exercise, lifting weight, yoga. Your muscle will recover from this exercise. You should do this exercise for at least 2-5 minutes daily in the morning.


hert Diet
  • Take healthy fat

You should include healthy fats in your food. It is very necessary for your body to take monounsaturated fats in food like olive oil, canola oil. you can also take Avocado. it is a good source of monounsaturated fats. You can take polyunsaturated fats and omega-three fatty acids in your food. You will get these fats in fish, tuna, and salmon, etc.

  • Eat whole grain

Grains are good for you, and you should have more this more. Take wheat, rice pulse. This food contains carbohydrates, fats.  Eat Bread and pasta has fiber, complex, or carbohydrates. You should eat healthy food like grains vegetables and avoid junk food it is bad for your health.

  • Eat fruits and vegetables

Eat fruits and vegetables, this is good food for your heart. It has many nutrients. Like-vitamin, minerals iron, zinc, fiber. Fruits increase your blood quantity in your body and keep you healthy.

  • Take protean

You should add proper protean in your food, like fish, lean meat, eggs, milk, nuts, seeds, and beans. Protean is good for you. If you are an adult man or woman and do mental work, so you need more protein than who does physical work.

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