Heart Disease: - 2 Home Remedies for Heart Disease If you ever have heartache, you know it.  There are several possible causes of heartburn, or restlessness near the heart, known as heartache.  It may feel sharp, burning, or chest pressure.  Whatever the reason, when the heartaches, you want it to go away quickly. Heart disease is currently a serious problem, but there is also no shortage of methods and treatments to avoid it.  To keep the heart healthy, know two such home remedies, which will be helpful for you.

Home Remedies for Heart Disease

1. Wash 250grams ghee (gourd) with peels and tighten it.  Grind the grated gourd either in a grinder or on a whisk.  Ground gourd juice will come out of the grinder automatically, then sieve it with a cloth.  While grinding the gourd, do not forget to add 7 leaves of basil and 6 leaves of mint.  Add the same amount of water to the juice of the ghee.  Add 4 ground black pepper and 1gram rock salt to the water.

heart disease foods

Take it 3 times in the morning and evening and at night after half an hour of meal.  Keep in mind that the juice should be extracted fresh every time.  Ghee juice removes all the digestive disorders in the stomach and excretes them out of the anus, it is possible that 3-4 days after its onset, there may be some tingling or thunderous feeling in the stomach, but later all stopped.  Will be done.

  1. 1-1 teaspoon juice of betel leaf, garlic, ginger, and 1 teaspoon honey - mix these four together and drink directly. There is no need to add water to it. Drink it once a day in the morning and once in the evening, and stop taking stress.  If you feel any difficulty in the heart, then one who takes the usual medicine should take it.


Try not to take it.  This experiment will start improving within a week and it will be beneficial to take 21 days.


The above measures have been compiled, before trying them, please consult a doctor.

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