Healthy hair: -Our hair is the biggest contributor to our beauty. Nowadays everyone likes hair is healthy and thick.  Everyone wishes that their hair is thick and long, but it is not possible for everyone.  Long and thick hair is also very important for our personality and lifestyle.  Nowadays, every person gets many treatments to get healthy and thick hair which is quite expensive which not everyone can do.  There are also some remedies for him that by doing home, he can make his hair healthy and thick long at home but you!  You Will also have trouble with how to make your hair healthy at home, but you are not worried.  We have brought some home remedies for you so that you can make your hair healthy at home.  We will tell you about the problem and treatment of hairs.

healthy hair

The problem of Hair

  1. Nowadays every person uses supplements to stop his hair fall, but this is wrong. You should always ask for supplements from a doctor.


  1. Today every person gets a chocolate massage in the spa to get hairs, but whether chocolate is good for your hair or not is not yet proven. So until this research is completed whether chocolate is good for your hair or not. Do not use chocolate.  Chocolate is very beneficial for your skin but has not yet been confirmed for hair.


  1. Every person uses many shampoos to get hair, but more shampoo does not provide perfect hair. Excessive shampooing is useless for you. So do not use too much shampoo.


  1. Hair sprays that cover the bald spots of our scalp. But their use does not mean that they are a permanent and effective way to prevent the problem of hairs. Therefore, use hair spray accordingly.

Home Remedies for Healthy Hair

  1. Onion juice Grate one onion and squeeze out its juice. Apply the juice on your hair scalp and leave it for 15 minutes and wash it. You will get the hair from it.
  1. Lukewarm one glass of water. Add lemon juice and honey and drink it. By drinking this, you also have perfect hair.


  1. Take Amla juice and drink it after mixing it in lukewarm water. Drinking this also makes your hair very healthy and your hair is very thick and long.


  1. You mix fenugreek seeds in coconut oil and boil it well. Then cool it down. After cooling, it is filtered and placed in another jar.  Apply it on your hair root.  Massage it for 5 minutes and leave it overnight.  Wash it in the morning.  It gives a very healthy glow to your hair.


  1. Apple Vinegar has got some water. Mix it with your shampoo and wash your hair with it. This will give you a lot of hair. and so good looking of your hair and vary sun and shine.

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