Headaches Causes: - Headache is actually a problem associated with the nervous system and neck. Waking up in the morning with a headache means wasting the whole day. Headache is a very common problem but sometimes it is so fast that it is difficult to tolerate.

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What is the main problem of headaches

Although there are many types of medicines available in the market, which are taken for relief in headaches, taking medicines every time is also not right. Excess external salts in the body can cause other diseases. But if you want, there are many home remedies from which you can relieve your headache in a pinch. These measures are so easy that you can try them while working in your office. But one thing that is most important is that you remove every bad thought from your brain and try to remain calm. The good thing about these home remedies is that they are completely safe and effective. Headaches Pain. Headache meaning. Headache Types. What is the main problem of headaches?

  1. By acupressure

For years, people have been using acupressure to relieve headaches. In the event of a headache, you bring both your palms in front. After this, massage with one hand with a light hand on the space between the thumb and index finger of the other hand. Repeat this process for two to four minutes in both hands. By doing this, you will get relief from headaches.

  1. By water

Drinking a small amount of water for a while also gives relief to headaches. Once your body becomes hydrated, then the headaches will start reducing gradually.

  1. By clove

Heat some cloves buds on the pan. Tie these hot cloves buds in a handkerchief. Keep smelling this bundle for a while. You will find that the headache has reduced.

  1. By basil leaves

You have often seen people drinking tea or coffee when they have a headache. Cook basil leaves once in water and consumes them. It is more effective and beneficial than any tea and coffee.

basil leaves
  1. By adding salt to the apple and eating

If after a lot of effort, you are not taking the name of headache, then cut an apple and add salt to it and eat it. This is a very effective way to get relief from headaches.

adding salt to the apple and eating
  1. Black Pepper and Mint Tea

Taking black pepper and mint tea is also very beneficial in headaches. If you want, you can also take some mint leaves in black tea.

Black Pepper and Mint Tea

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