Head Lice: - What are lice, how Does head lice occur, a louse is such a parasite that is born in the hair, it is their work. Drinking blood from the body is due to a lack of cleanliness. Many people do not even know how does head lice occur? They have a long body and are short and wingless. They drink blood from their mouth, from where they drink blood, itching starts there, but their bite does not feel pain.

Today we will tell you how to prevent lice in your head and how to get lice. For this follow the tips given below.

How To remove Head Lice

Due to what is in the head

1 If there is already lice in a person's head and you come in contact with him, then that person gets lice in your head. As children go to school, they also get lice from the heads of each other's children in school.

2 Do not use the comb and towel of the person who has lice in his head.

3 Lice are found more in girls and women than boys.

4 Lice never comes into the head by flying or jumping.  They are only if they come in contact with a person with lice.

5 The person suffering from lice should not wear clothes like a cap coat and should not use the ribbon of school.

Treatment of lice removal

  1. Grind an onion and apply its paste in your head. Massage with him. The lice die due to the smell of the class.


  1. Take out the lemon juice. Apply it to the roots of your hair and cover it with a shower cap. After that, after combing the head, the lice will die on its own after being wiped with lemon.


  1. Make garlic paste, apply it well on your roots, and leave it for 1 hour. After 1 hour, refrigerate with warm water. Lice die due to the smell of garlic.


  1. Mix neem oil and coconut oil and apply it on your roots and wear a shower cap. Remove lice from the comb after 4 hours and shampoo it. It is also a home remedy.


  1. Mix tea tree oil and coconut oil. Lukewarm and apply to your scalp. Then cover with a shower cap for two hours. Remove the lice from the comb after 2 hours, then wash it with shampoo and also use conditioner.

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