Hair fall problems: - As you know hair fall is a normal thing nowadays.  Today everyone's hair breaks, everyone has hair fall problems. Hair fall problems can occur for many reasons. Excessive hair loss troubles when there is very little hair growth in your head. If your hair grows well then you may not have so much trouble with your hair loss. We know exactly how you feel about dealing with hair fall. So we will tell you some treatment of hair fall today so that you can reduce your hair fall.

Follow these structures written below.  This will tell you how to reduce hair fall.

Hair Fall Problems

Due to Hair Fall

Hair fall problem is also due to the change in the hormones of the person, the hair fall is weak due to the change in the hormones.

If there is a deficiency of iron and protein in your food then it also causes hair fall problems.If you have dandruff in your hair or there is a lot of stress in your life due to which you take tension in your mind, then it also causes problems.  There are many more reasons for hair fall problem.  Because of this, chemical comes in today's shampoo, because of that chemical, there is a hair fall problem. The hair of pregnant women mostly falls.

Due to hair fall

Tips to Prevent Hair Loss

1. Massage: -the oil well on the scalp. Do this especially at night because at that time your scalp will absorb the oil quite well.


2.Grind: - the onion, squeeze its juice well, and then apply it with cotton in your scalp.  This will have a very good effect on your hair and will also reduce your hair fall problem.


3. Mix: - a little yogurt and lemon juice in a bowl and mix well and apply it well in your scalp.  That also reduces your hair fall problem.


4. Make: -changes to your diet.  Eat food that is high in iron and protein because if your food is low in iron and protein then it also causes your hair to fall.


5. Amla and Aloe Vera: - You can use Amla and Aloe Vera for your hair fall problem.  Aloe vera removes dandruff from your head and strengthens your scalp.  In the same way, amla improves the growth of your hair, so that if you break a little of your hair, it does not matter.


6. Styling: -You should use hair styling tools very sparingly as they only take a hit.  A hit causes damage to your hair and may also cause you a hair fall problem.  So you should use styling tools as little as possible.

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