Hair Color:- How to Apply Color For Hair Nowadays, everyone's hair has to withstand a lot due to pollution. His hair gets lighter in color. Today we will tell you simple tips to apply color to hair. Applying color to hair enhances the look of hair even more. If you think that applying color for hair in the salon can be very heavy on your pocket, then you can apply hair color at home yourself. Applying color or hair at home can become even simpler for you if you follow these tips given below. When you apply the color of your hair once at home then you will know all its methods properly. After applying the color, wash the hair only 2-3 times a week.  So let's know how to apply hair color in a simple way at home. Now See 

how to apply own hair color

Follow the simple way to apply color for hair at home.  Apply color the hair only if you want a new shade or if you want to hide your gray hair. Experimenting at home will not be right.

Proper Shade for Hair

You will find 100 types of shades in the market.  Try to choose the shade that is suitable for you. Color should fit your skin tone.

Type of Color For Hair

There are two types of color for hair, a semi-permanent and permanent.  Temporary colors go into shampooing 6-8 times, semipermanent color comes out after shampooing 20-26 times.  At the same time, permanent color for hair lasts for 6-9 weeks. If you are applying color for the hair first time, then it is better that you choose only the temporary color.

Organize Yourself Hair

Before applying color, arrange yourself completely. Have all the tools to apply color to your bar. Like, gloves, towel, big toothbrush, comb, old shirt, hairbrush, color for hair, and dirty cloth, etc.

Allergy Test Hair

Before applying the color for hair at any time, do an allergy test.

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