Full Workout at Home: Nowadays even after going to the gym, many times we get confused about which Full Workout at Home exercises we do, in the gym, we take the method of a gym trainer. But we get confused if we have to work out at home. Which exercises to start. Which is not so, one of these exercises is very easy, which you can also do at home. Pushups also bring you many profits. We do not even need a trainer to do a push-up. We can do this quite easily at our home as well. Along with this, you often have a shortage of time. Because of which you are unable to complete your workout. Like pushups, there are other exercises that we can do at home, for which we do not need an entertainer. Today we will tell you which exercises you can do at home, which you can do by keeping yourself very healthy and healthy at home. There will be many changes in your body as well. full body bodyweight exercises. Home workout exercise

Full Workout at Home


Push Up is an exercise that gives you many benefits. This makes your muscles strong and you need a machine to do this, you can do it easily at home. You can do push-ups at any place. Doing this exercise affects your stomach a lot.

How to push up

To do a push-up, you spread the fingers of your hands and keep both your hands on the ground and you do not have to put much pressure on your shoulders while pushing and pushing yourself downwards while relying on your hands. This will also make a big difference in your biceps triceps and will be quite strong.

Push ups


This exercise can be quite beneficial for you.  If you do this with weight, then your fat ends quickly. It makes your big muscles strong. Its effect remains only after exercise. It burns your calories even when you are resting.

How to lunges

While doing this exercise you have to keep your back straight and keep in mind that it has to be done with no weight in the beginning. Your chest should be up and your front leg should be properly bent.



crunches increase your muscle strength. There are many deep muscles in your belly. Having crunches keeps your deep muscles strong.

How to crunches

The first thing you need to do is to place the mats in a clean and clean place. After this, now bent your knee and put both your hands behind the neck lightly. Remember that your hands should not be tight. Now you bring your body down. Your waist must be affixed to the floor or mat.


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