Flawless Skin Tips: - There is so much pollution that our skin is not able to withstand pollution, so we need flawless skin tips because due to pollution in our skin, pimples blackness becomes such a problem.  Therefore, we will tell you flawless skin tips, so that you will be able to take care of your skin and your skin will be good by following those cocoa tips. I will tell you how to improve your skin flawless skin without makeup.

flawless skin without makeup

Skin Care Routine

1. First you wash your face with whatever you send with face wash, then wash it with dry towels.  Then leave it like this for 1 hour.  Do not put anything on that face.  Leave it dry like this.


2. Now after leaving your mouth for 1 hour after washing your face, now you have to use a cleanser on your face. You can do whatever the brand cleanser you use. Using a cleanser will remove the dust from your face and all the wrinkles are pimples, etc. you have to give it a massage. After that for a while then it has to be removed with cold water.

3. Now apply sunscreen on your face. Whichever cream you use, put sunscreen in the cream and massage it on your face for 2 minutes. It will make your face feel very soft and quite good and this sun cream will protect you from many things like if you go in the sun, if your face turns black, then it will also go to you, so you have to apply sunscreen.

4. You have to do this Every day. If you do it once a week, it will not make any difference to you. You have to sleep in the morning and night by massaging it with your cleanser and applying sunscreen etc. and apply it in the morning as it will make your skin very good. If you use a cleanser, then any damaged layer on your face will automatically go away and your skin will start to look very good, so you should do this in the morning and night. You have to do this every day.

5. You always have to keep in mind that you must remove your makeup before sleeping. In this, you should not be lazy at all because if you sleep while doing makeup, your skin can become very bad. So you have to clean your makeup before going to sleep at night and sleep with a moisturizer and you can also use makeup remover to remove the makeup sometimes because makeup removes the makeup properly.

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