Flat Bench Press: This exercise basically works for your Chest Shoulder and triceps. While doing this exercise it's most important to flush with the back pad keeping your feet firmly planted on the floor. You can't keep your back straight then Flat Against the pad. You Can take your legs up and it helps you to press your back down and keep your abs tight that is going to help keep your back down. you can also place feet over the edge of the bench. Make sure while taking the bar down Inhale and while raising up you have to exhale.

How to do Flat Bench Press?

1) Lie on the Bench
2) Grip Bar wid hands Tightly.
3) Make sure to have your hands wider than your shoulder.
4) Next, Bring your Bar Slowly to your chest and Breath In(Inhale).
5) Now, Just Push up and Breath Out(Exhale).
6)Make sure to look at the ceiling rather than the bar
7) Repeat this exercise

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Flat Bench Press

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Common Mistakes in Flat Bench Press

1) Don't Go too Heavy: Most of the Beginners runs behind the Weight instead of the Quality of Repetitions.
2) Not Setting Your Shoulder Blades: Before doing this exercise make sure to set the Shoulder blades properly by doing warmups of the shoulder. Because, While Doing this exercise your shoulder gets in the same position. you don't move.
3) Moving Your Feet During The Set: As while Doing this exercise you don't have to move your legs. You must have proper legs warm-up before doing his exercise As it may cause to the serious injury
4) Getting The Chest Touch Wrong: Most of the Beginner commit this Common mistake that they touch the bar at the wrong place. Make sure to touch your bar at the exact position where you must. Most of the beginners also Don't touch the bar because it' easier.

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