Fat Loss Exercise:- Everybody wants a fit slim body. People eat medicine, do exercise, etc but do not looks any different in their bodies. Having body fat is really very serious problem. Fat people are not able to do more work, they feel a burden because of body fat they feel tired and lazy every time.

Today50% population is disturbing by these problems. If you also upset with body fat so I have some best tips that you can also get a slim fit body.

1 Strength Training

Perfect exercise or training is very important .strength training gives you multiple health benefits especially helpful in burning fat. Make habit of walking is also a good exercise that helps you to lose body fat. People look it hard. More than 7 billion people do walking every day, it no hard you can do it.

Avoid junk food

Only walking can give you any benefit until you do not stop eating junk food if you want to be slim so Forget chowmein, momuse, and samosa, etc. It will increase your body fat and also bad for your health. eat healthy food of homemade.

More than 7 billion people do walking every day, it no hard you can do it.

Strength training

2 Walk Speed

Increase your walking speed, you should walk  140 steps in one minute, 1mile in 14 minutes, swing your arms with each step .you should take a challenge for walking do interval walk. Complete 3.5 miles in 40 minutes.Finish 3 miles in 45minutes. Think that it is a competition when you walk.

Walk Speed

3 Pick up the Weights 

Pick up some light weights 2.5pound dumbbells, or example – do biceps curls as like you walk and if you want toke metabolism to muscle .as you make your walking more challenging you will get the lt. This results in more energy and sweating, which causes your body to burn fat.

Pick up the Weights

Exercise to Loss Body Fat

Exercise to lose body fat

1 Pushup

It is a full-body exercise there used your arms chest or shoulders and a kind of force come on it .it is also help you to remove belly fat. It also called Wentzel.Do 20 to 30 push up daily in the morning, you can increase the number of pushups day by day.


1 Jump Rope

Jump rope is really an effective exercise to burn the body. It burns over calories and gives you a great posture. rope jumping is also a full-body exercise like pushup, there is the force on your feet.by this exercise you can lose your weight also. Alayne Rowan is a personal trainer and fitness instructor also say to do rope jumping they say ‘’ do rope jumping 3x-4x per weak workout.it will increase your height also

Jump Rope

3 Deadlift

This is a full-body exercise. According to hardcore, it activates your posterior chain and glutes and hamstrings also. You have no need barbell deadlift, you can do cattle deadlift, Romanian deadlift, single-leg deadlift, hacks bar deadlift, and the list can go on or on.


4 Forward Jump

Forward jump exercise is the best exercise and you will also enjoy it a lot while doing it. Jump right and left side to one place to another place 10 to 15 times, repeat it every day in the morning it is an easy exercise that helps you to burn body fat.

Forward jump

5 running on road or park

As we all have seen people running on the road .and you have also done it ever. it is a good exercise. run  2km every day in the morning . your mind will be also good fresh. It will burn your fat also and help you to lose weight. Diet you should follower


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