Fashion Tips For Girls:- Everyone is not aware of wearing thin or thick clothes, so today we are telling you that you should dress according to your body and hight, follow the tips given below and follow these steps for Perfect and Good Looking you.

  1. Shot Height Dressing
  2. Tall Girls Dressing
  3. Slim Girl Dressing
  4. Fat Girl Dressing

Shot Height Dressing

Short Hight

In my opinion, the Jins top is good for short height‘s girls and you can wear and that will give you

Tall appearance wear shot Tops, Logie. the garment of a vertical stripe also helps you to look tall

Don’t wear a horizontal line if cloth s and don’t wear bye term Plazo on the suit to top it will show your height short. and if you want to look tall in photos click your picture from the foot side.

Tall Girls Dressing

Tall Girl
Tall Girl

If your height is long so long suit will be good with salwar if you are too much tall so wear frock it will also help you to look short a little bit. Avoid making hair bun because it will show you taller. Wear horizontal design dresses.

Slim Girl Dressing

Slim Girls

if you are so thin you should not wear tide leggy with your Kurti if you want to wear so wear Anarkali Kurti leggy on leggy otherwise you should wear plazo with Kurti. Salwar and suits are also the best options for those girls who are slim but do not carry a variant of the salwar choose the big design on your clothes it will give your body type normal.  there is a dress Sharara Garara which helps the girl to look fit or normal it is lots of type in simple and in plazo type its looks beautiful.

Fat Girl Dressing

Fat Girls

A fat girl should wear dark color and use color combinations do not choose very big design in your dress and take the garment of a vertical strip. take fabric great it does not cling with your skin do not wear cloth so tide or too much loose, wear short plazo do not print design in cloth, and if you are taking so take small design.

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