Ear Pain Treatment: - Earache is very irritating.  Sometimes it causes headaches as well as pain in the jaw. There can be many reasons for ear pain such as a cold, any injury to the ears, blockage of the nose pipe, etc. But the main reason for this is an ear infection. Ear pain is more commonly seen in children and elderly people. Some people have ear pain due to genetic reasons. If you also have this problem, do not worry too much. This problem can be overcome by home remedies. antibiotics for ear infections. home remedies for ear infections in adults, ear symptoms. ear infection symptoms.

Ear Pain Treatment
  • Remedy for earache with ginger:

Ginger has inflammation-reducing properties. They are helpful in curing ear infections. It is also a natural pain reliever.

Remove the juice from a piece of fresh ginger and put it in your ears. It removes both ear pain and swelling.

Or take olive oil in a tablespoon, add a little bit of mashed ginger to it. Heat this oil on a gas flame. After cooling down a little, pour a few drops of this oil into the ears.

ginger Water
  • Garlic is a remedy for earache:

Garlic has pain-relieving properties.  Therefore, to cure ear infections, garlic is also a good home remedy.

How to make and use it

Put small pieces of garlic in sesame oil and heat it.

Cool and filter this oil.  (Read more - Benefits of eating garlic)

Put 2 to 3 drops of this oil in the ear where it is painful.

If you wish, you can also extract the juice of garlic buds and put them in the ears.

  • Olive oil relieves ear pain:

Olive oil gives you relief from earache very soon.  It is a type of lubricant that helps in removing ear infections.  Even olive oil removes the rumbling sound inside the ears.  For this, put three to four drops of lukewarm oil in the ears.

Olive oil relieves ear pain
  • Salt is the domestic nostalgia of earache:

It is the easiest home remedy, as it is present in every household.

How to make and use it:

Take a little salt and heat it in a pan, keep stirring it with the help of a spoon, or else it will burn.

Now take it in a cloth and tie the bundle.  Apply this bundle to your ears.

The heat that comes out of this salt will help your ears grow.

Salt is the domestic nostalgia of earache
  • The hot water bottle is the home remedy for earache:

You can also use a hot water bottle to compress the ears.  This remedy also helps to relieve pain.

For this you do not have to do much, just pour hot water into the bottle, wrap it with the help of towels.

Now the one who is hurting the ear put it on top

water bottle
  • Mint leaves are a home remedy for earache:

You might not know, but mint leaves also provide relief from pain in the ears.

Remove the juice of fresh leaves and fill it in any drop bottle.  Now put a few drops in the ear that is hurting.

With the help of a piece of cotton, pour some oil into the open part of the ear.

Mint leaves

By using these home remedies, you can get relief from pain in your ears. If you are not getting relief even after using these home remedies then you should see a doctor without delay.

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