Dusky Skin: - Makeup tips for dusky women Somewhere the color of women is dusky, due to which they feel that if they do make-up, then their darkness will be more visible. We will tell you something about makeup tips for dusky women, how they should apply makeup, and how to apply makeup. Makeup tips are very important for dusky women as they have little difficulty in doing makeup. She feels that she does not look good in makeup. He begins to see duskiness and duskiness. But it is wrong, it is not. We will tell you some easy make-up tips, which will remove your solitude, and if your makeup will hide away from the makeup, then follow our tips below.

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Easy makeup tips for dusky women
  1. Liquid Foundation
  2. Dry the Skin.
  3. Blush the Cheeks.
  4. Use of Lipstick.
  5. Eyebrows.
  6. Lip Liner
  1. Liquid foundation

For dark skin, you should use a liquid foundation.  If you do not get the foundation according to your face color, then you can use it by mixing two foundations and making a foundation for the color of your face.  You do not have to use a powder foundation.  Always use liquid foundation only. You have to moisturize your face before applying foundation.  This makes your skin soft.

  1. Dry the skin

After applying liquid foundation on the skin, dry it thoroughly.  After that, you can apply face powder on your face.  If your skin is oily then you always have to keep your face powder with you.  This will keep your skin dry.

  1. Blush the Cheeks

Face blushing is not always right but you can occasionally blush your face as if you are going to a party, so if you want to blush then you should always use deep orange, wine, or coral colors.  This makes your face shine.

  1. Use of lipstick

Lipstick for dark skin should also be chosen accordingly.  If you have dusky skin then you should not apply light colored lipstick.  If you like to apply lipstick, then always apply dark color lipstick.  Dark shade lipstick will enhance your skin.

  1. Eyebrows

Dusky-colored women should always maintain their eyebrows.  Do not ignore your eyebrows at all.  Beautiful eyebrows enhance your beauty. You can also use a pencil or powder to shape your eyebrows.

  1. Lip liner

Dusky-colored women should always apply their lip liner properly before applying their lipstick.  Seeing a nice set from lip liner, you have applied lipstick.  It also enhances your makeup and enhances your face.

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