Dumbbell shoulder press: This is one of the best Shoulder workout that increases the size of the overall shoulder. While doing Shouder exercise, It's most recommended to perform.

How to do Dumbbell shoulder press Best Shoulder workout?

  • Have 2 Dumbbells in both hands, Having the same size.
  • Now take lift the dumbbells toward up.
  • Make sure to bent hands at a 90° angle.
  • Now take the dumbbells back to the starting position.
  • Take Medium weight here.
  • You have to take 3-4 Set and 12 reps minimum each set.

We recommend you to follow below image

Dumbbell shoulder press

Check out Below Video

Why does the dumbbell press hurt my shoulder?

If you are feeling the Pain right exactly for you were doing exercise then it's normal. But if your feeling apart from your targeted muscle it's not good you must consult with your physician here. You can also consult with your Gym Trainer

Benefits of the dumbbell shoulder press Shoulder workout

  1. You have to take 3-4 Set and 12 reps minimum each set.
  2. While you are doing this workout, this workout engages the core for stability.
  3. You can also identify the imbalance meant in the shoulder strength.
  4. You can increase muscle in your shoulders and strengthen the theme together.
  5. while you work on the shoulder, triceps are also engaged here.

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