Dumbbell calf raises: - It is a great exercise which is performed with help of a dumbbell. This exercise mainly targets your calf muscle. It is a great exercise to strengthen your calf muscle. While performing this exercise you need to keep in mind that you have to stand on the little uplifted surface and lift the weight with help of your calves.

How To Do Dumbbell calf raises?

  1. To perform this exercise all you need are some dumbbell. Before performing this exercise also remember to wear shoes with hard soul.
  2. Stand straight with your feet jointly.
  3. Pick up a dumbbell in your hand and stand straight a shown in the figure with your feet joint
  4. Slowly lift your body on your toes.
  5. Slowly come down but don’t let the heel touch the ground. Again lift up on toes.
  6. Repeat steps and perform expected number of repetitions.

Follow below image

Dumbbell calf raises

Check out below video

Common Mistake Done During Dumbbell calf raises

  1. Improper placement of feet. The feet of some people have a gap between them.
  2. Performing exercise at a very high pace.
  3. Touching heal of shoes on the ground while coming down.
  4. Most beginners make it too fast. Doing in an improper manner this workout can give you injury.

Using too heavyweights which a person unstable to perform the exercise

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