Diamond push-ups:- As from naming its clearly understood that narrow grip means where hands placement is going to be close to each other. One thing which you need to keep in your while performing this exercise is that the close your hands will be, the more stress you will be putting on your elbows. It’s one of the most simple exercises of triceps which can be performed without any type of equipment, also you don’t need to lift any external weight with your body part instead you have to lift your own body weight. This exercise can be done at home or anywhere.

How to do diamond push ups?

  • For this exercise you don’t need any type of equipment or any gym, all you need is very little space.
  • It is similar to normal pushups the difference is just that in this exercise your hands should be close to each other.
  • All you need to is just that join thumb of your both the hands.
  • After joining thumbs place your hand on the floor.
  • Now you need to lie on the floor with your hips, back, and thigh in the air as shown in the figure.
  • After you have gone down slowly and then came back to the same position by apply pressure on the ground with your hands.
  • Now repeat the steps and perform the expected number of repetitions in diamond push-ups.

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diamond push ups

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Common Mistakes Done During diamond push ups

  1. The most commonly done mistake is that people don’t put their hands close to each other due to which pressure doesn’t go on the triceps muscle.
  2. Also one of the major mistakes done by people is that they let their hips come down which is not proper posture. They should remain straight.
  3. The next mistake is of elbows. While performing exercise elbow of individuals goes in an outward position which is wrong.
  4. People don’t keep their spine straight which is again the wrong posture.
  5. People perform an exercise at a very fast pace instead of doing it fast try to go slow in diamond push-ups.

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