Dengue recovery: dengue is a long-term disease. It is a very serious disease but by taking proper treatment and care you can recover from it soon. In this disease, you need to focus on the food and water of a patient. Food and water is better than medicine. Here, a good diet is important. It helps you to recover soon from disease.

Nowadays dengue has become a common thing. Today I will tell you some food and precaution that will help you to recover from dengue. What should we eat in dengue disease., what is the symptoms of dengue, 7 drinking substance for dengue patient. What is dengue?

Symptoms of dengue

  • Fever
  • Pain in all body
  • The digestive system becomes weak
  • Muscle and joint pain
  • vomiting

Take fruits and juice:

You should take fruits and fruits juice more. Mainly you have to eat fruits and juice in this disease. You don’t have to eat food in this. because in this situation your digestive system is unable to digest hard food, so doctor recommends basically to have fruits and juice or milk of a goat. Goat’s milk is very beneficial for you in dengue. It kills hundreds of diseases. So you must take it even half glass.


Drink juice of papaya leaf:

Papaya leaf is very important.  Without it, you may take more time to recover from dengue it works as medicine so it must have in your home. You can talk with your friends who have papaya tree or you can buy it from the market. It treats fever effetely. It increases the platelets of the patient. you can take geloyee if there is not available papaya’s leaf. You should take papaya leaf minimum three times. Take one and two leaves of papaya. Wash it nicely and then grind it in the mixer jar


Take egg in your diet

Eggs are very beneficial in dengue fever. it contains rich protein and iron. It helps to prevent anemia and make the immune system strong. That's why doctors recommend to the patient for eating eggs. If you are suffering from dengue so you must have at least one egg. It will give you energy


Include milk and dairy product

Milk has essential nutrients such as calcium, phosphorus, vitamin B, potassium, and vitamin Dplus. it is a good source of protein. dairy products can help you to prevent osteoporosis and bone fracture. as well as it helps you to maintain a healthy weight. and it is said that milk and dairy product is beneficial in dengue.

Dairy products such as milk, cheese, egg, yogurt and butter.

Take vegetable juice

Vegetable juice Is also a very good option in dengue. It is a very good drink. It completes the need of water in your body. And protect you from dehydration. You can take bottle gourd juice, spinach juice, cucumber juice, and bitter gourd juice. These juice are really very effective. By drinking vegetable juice, you get lots of essential nutrients, such as iron, zinc vitamin, etc.

Glasses with fresh organic vegetable and fruit juices. Detox diet

Coconut water

Coconut water is too necessary. You should take it at least two-three times in a day. It Increases the quantity of water in the body. In this disease, there is a water shortage. It nourishes your body so you must drink it daily. Coconut water has high potassium. It has low calories and zero fats. Coconut water prevents kidney stones and your skin is healthy. It is free


ORS juice

ORS solution is very good in dengue. Take one liter of water and add one packet of ORS solution and mix it nicely. Drink this in within four or five hours. If you wish, you can also take ORS juice. It is really very beneficial, and you should drink it more and more. As in this disease, you have to drink juice more, So don’t avoid it. Doctors also recommend to drinking ORS. It is in stomachache or acidity.


Herbal tea

Herbal tea is also helpful in dengue. It is a healthy drink for you. You have to add water in a pan, tea leaves, ginger, cardamom, cinnamon, cook it nicely then drink. It will fresh your mind. It makes the mood fresh. I would like to suggest all to drink herbal tea it is good for health, and it is better than other tea and coffee.



Drink Neem juice

You can also drink the juice of neem. It is good for your health. It is the best medicine for dengue. It helps you to control the growing virus. And it is good for the stomach. It is helpful to improve the digestive system. It helps in eye disorders, fever, high blood pressure, and in liver problems.

Medicinal neem leaves with extract over white background


*Don’t give a patient food. Only give fruits and juice.

*Know more about it from your doctor.

*Don’t give patients oily, fried, spicy, high fatted food and carbonated drinks.


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