Decline Bench Press: It is one of the best Chest Workout that is highly recommended for athletes. It is responsible for strengthening your lower chest. Before doing this exercise make sure to set the bench to 15 to 30 degrees. This Position takes your upper body to a downward slope. It's the most effective exercise for the chest and it can activate your lower pectoral muscles. It's Because while following this workout you actually PUsh weights away from your chest. If you are doing this exercise you aim must be to work for the lower pecs. There are few Additional muscles which are also affected while doing this workout. triceps brachii, biceps brachii, and anterior deltoid.

How to Do the Decline Bench Press?

1) Grip your bar and make sure that your griping is wider than your shoulder
2) Don't forget to set the bench to 15 to 30 degrees.
3) Don't Lose your arm, Make Straight them.
4) Now just Lift the Barbie.
5) Make sure to inhale while you take barbel down and Exhale while taking barbie toward up.
6) Don't forget to touch the barbell to your middle chest.
7) It's most recommended to Have at least 10-12 Reps and 3 Sets.

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Decline Bench Press

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Benefits of Decline Bench Press

While doing this workout your lower pecs highly work to extend the arm while the upward phase of a decline bench press. The lower pecs and anterior deltoid work to flex the arms while you take barbell Rod up.

Tips on doing it

1) Tips on doing it: It's mostly recommended while doing any chest workout you must a one spotter that lets you know to manage everything. Spotter also helps when you are having high weight. Your spotter can actually let you know the exact Positive and negative this in your workout position and all.

2) Have Exact Position: Position is the main this every workout/exercise/Yoga. If you are doing Decline Bench Press make sure to grip the barbell in the exact position

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