Curtsy lunges Exercise for Butt: Curtsy lunge is a perfect exercise. You Can use to shape your legs. They look banging in your favorite pair of leggings. Curtsey Lunge totally helps you to stabilize your hips.

How to Curtsy lunges Exercise for Butt?

1) Stand with your feet, Side by side shoulders.
2) Let your back reach your right leg back into the sider dropping equal weight on both feet pressing up.
3) Extend do the same on the reverse side.
4) If you want to amp it, Up a little bit add a little hot.
5) Keep lunging side to side and you'll be rocking those leggings in no time.

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Curtsy lunges Exercise
Curtsy lunges Exercise

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Benefits of Curtsy Lunge?

1) It Increases your Leg Strength
2) You can easily increase your Glute Strength
3) You actually increase your full body Strength by doing this workout.
4) Just like Squats and Standard lunge, This exercise also targets the glutes and quads.
5) While you cross the leg that movement It fires up the glutes medius
6) There is an important stabilizing muscle located on the upper and outer portion of the butt which is undertrained in by this workout.
7) it also activates the Inner thigh muscle, that pulls the leg toward each other.
8) If you compare this lunge exercise with other lunge exercises, It creates little more challenges to your flexibility and stability as compared to other lunge exercises.

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