Crunch Ball Exercise: - Nowadays women are very upset with their stomachs but A is no small problem. Women like to be attracted and attractive but do not look because of their stomach. Because of the stomach, it seems like there is a lot of exits or a very strange feeling due to the stomach

Who wouldn't enjoy having flatter, more defined abs?  They are not always easy. Women have to work very hard to get abs. One of the exercises that I find most effective is the traditional ball crunch. The crunch ball exercise is performed on a ball of great stability. So abdominal crunch can be an important part of your weekly AB Workout. Downside video also available on your help so now you scroll down the side and you watch the video how to do crunch ball exercise so now see.

How to Ball Crunch or Stable Ball Crunch

  • You choose a ball that should be equal to the height of your knees. And he is very Now you sit with the ball on your knees.
  • Now faceup the ball with the ball under your back. Keep your feet on the floor, hip-width apart, and hands behind your ears.
  • Now slowly tilt the upper body upwards, lift the shoulders up and close your chin with the chest.
  • You brace yourself tightly and crunch slowly and to the right. The lift shoulder rotates the blade from the ball and the upper body to the right.  Repeat for lower back and left.
  • Balancing the ball with your main braid, raise the right leg above the ground and bring the right knee to the chest. Gently change the right leg, then repeat on the other side.
  • Simultaneously raise the right knee towards the chest and touch the right knee with the left elbow while rotating the upper body (eg bicycle crunch).
  • Lower legs and upper body at the same time, then repeat on the other side.
  • Keep the hips level and use the core to pull the knees towards the chest, turning the ball towards you. To start straighten the legs.
  • Now raise your hips high, and use your core to stay balanced. Push the ball away and lower your hips to start.
  • Your feet should be close together. You widen your legs keeping your core tight.  Now quickly jump back together to return them to start.
  • You bend your knees and pull the ball towards you. Bend at your knees and lower hips. Take care that the face bending with the feet and holding the ball between the hands spread the hands up and crunch up

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