Cracked Heal: does not look good and it is so painful also It painful when you walk Well, this is a common problem which faces everybody's children men women all, but sometimes people‘s heel has a deep wound and pain a lot .often girls heels crack more than boys because they have to do work in water.

cause of cracked heel: Doing work in water or dust, when your heel‘s rim get dry or thick, wearing open footwear like sandals, and cold skin or because of the cold winter season. There are some easy ways that will help you to get relief from a cracked heel.

Apply Cracked Heal Cream and Heal balm

  • Apply a liquid bandage
  • Honey
  • Use Coconut oil
  • Almond oil
  • Vaseline
cracked heal

Apply Crack Heal Cream and Balm

Crack cream is best for cracked heel it is very effective and helpful to repair cracked heel. it gives moisture to your heel apply it nicely on your heel morning and before sleeping then bake it on gas and then wear socks. you can also apply balm it has Urea (heel balm), salicylic acid (Kerasal, alpha hydroxyl acid (Amlactin), Saccharide isomerate. It moisturizes your heel. you have to apply it two times a day.

Apply a liquid bandage

Liquide bandage is useful in the wound and in the cracked heel it prevents infections .it is as a spray that you can carry it anywhere, it is the best option for the cracked heel. apply a liquid bandage on a clean and dry heel. don't apply it on dirty heel otherwise, there is a danger of infections. You can get it from a medical store or buy it online it has come to a good response, it gives you a good result within 7 days. Ask to doctor before using it.


Honey can also give you benefits in the cracked heel, it is a natural medicine which is really effective honey has antimicrobial and antibacterial properties. it helps to repair cracked heel and wound, it also moisturizes your skin that your heel is soft and smooth. You can use it as a scrub or as a foot mask.

Use Coconut oil

Honey is used for dry skin it gives moisture to your skin especially in the winter season. Coconut oil is also a good option for the cracked heel. coconut oil has anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial properties, that may help in bleeding or infection as well as in cracked heel. Apply it two times in a day.

Almond oil

Almond oil is really a good natural source that can really help you care for the cracked moisturizes your heels and makes it soft or smooth. it revives the dead skin. Apply some almond oil on your feet or heel in the morning or before sleeping and apply it daily.


Vaseline is the best natural product it is really effective product and is very useful for cracked lips heel or dry skin. it is a No 1 product the trust of people of years. it moisturizes your skin, hand feet, and lips. take Vaseline applies it on your cracked clean heel. apply it two times a day daily if you apply it before sleeping so it would be better because at this time you are not going to do work in water.

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