Close grip lat pulldown: This is one of the Back exercises that is done for Engaging the back body. It's also a variation of Back pull down. This exercise also hits our biceps and Traps. Everyone can add this exercise in their Back workout. Well, It's a classic bodybuilder exercise. Basically, we perform this exercise to mainly hit our back muscles. Mainly your Lower back muscle is Heated by this exercise.

How to do close grip lat pulldown?

  • Sit on the pull-down machine.
  • Take the knees underneath.
  • Now grab the bar with a close grip and overhand.
  • Just pull the bar toward your upper chest.
  • Make sure to let the bar touch your upper chest or Have 1 Inch distance.
  • Now take the bare to the starting position, But Slowly.
  • Repeat it.
  • Have 3-4 sets and 12 rep per set.
Close grip lat pulldown

Check out below Video

Benefits of close grip front lat pulldown |

  1. This workout is actually very effective for the Back muscle.
  2. If you can't have pull-ups, you can start performing this workout. It will increase your back muscle strength.
  3. It actually isolates your back muscle.
  4. Most of the back workout works on multiple parts of the body like bicep and traps. But, this workout works on your back.
  5. It emphasizes the middle back so it also increases the elbows range of motion.
  6. Instead of a wide grip in this workout, you are having a close grip. So, It also increases the Arms strength and helps to increase your arm muscle.

Things to keep your mind always

  • Make sure to perform this workout in the correct position and exact gripping.
  • Don't forget to keep your elbow outward.
  • Avoid Bending your wrist in this workout.
  • Get the Leg position at a place securely. Don't go overweight here. Weight is nothing. If you are doing in the right position and method, It results would definitely surprise you.

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