Close Grip Bench-press: Close Grip Bench-press is an exercise for triceps. It’s an exercise basically which is a compound movement which trains your all three heads that is your long head, medial and your lateral head. It is a very good exercise in terms of increasing the overall size of your triceps. It’s an amazing exercise in which heavy weights can also be used.

How to do Close Grip Bench-press?


  • To perform this exercise first thing which you need is a bench press and some weighted plates.
  • After that, you are going to lie down on the bench.
  • Now, most bars have a grip on them, put your hands right on the edge of the grip. It will be a little bit wider than your body.
  • Get your feet on the floor. Now push the bar straight up. Keep your wrist straight.
  • Now bring the bar down and try to touch it just below the lower chest. Come down until you just barely break 90 degrees.
  • Now push the bar straight up and breathe out.
  • Now repeat the step and after performing the excepted number of repetitions place the bar at its initial position.

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Close Grip Bench-press

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Common Mistakes Done During Close Grip Bench-press

  1. The first mistake comes up with setup and posture. There should be a little arch in your back which people usually miss to make.
  2. The second mistake comes up with gripping. While holding a barbell what people do is they do not engage their thumb which is not good. Also while performing this exercise what people do is that they grab the barbell too close which is wrong. It may also lead to injury in the wrist. The distance between your hands should be equal to the width of your shoulder not less than that.
  3. Third, the most commonly done mistake is that people perform this exercise at a very high pace which is wrong. What you have to make muscle and mind connection and perform reps slowly.

4. The fourth mistake comes up with a range of motion. While lifting the weight back from the chest to the initial position people do not lock their elbows, which is wrong. So at the initial position, you must lock your elbows so that your triceps muscles contract.

5. The fifth mistake comes up with when people take the weight down they touch the bar to their upper or middle chest which is wrong, it should be touched just below your lower chest.


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