How to do Child Pose Exercise for Stretching?

1)You can put your knees and hands on the floor.
2)Put your hands a little forward, widen your knees, and put your toes together.
3)Take a breath, then exhale and sit back.
4)Try to make your butt touch your heels. Relax your elbows, make your forehead touch the floor, and try to lower your chest close to the floor.
5)Hold this position.
6)Keep your arms stretched forward as you sit back.
7)Make sure there is enough space between your shoulders and ears during the exercise.

Look at below Image for better understanding

Child Pose Exercise for Stretching

Benefits of Child Pose Exercise for Stretching

1) By following Child's Pose exercise you can Release tension on the Back, Shoulders, and even chest.
2) It's most recommended if you have dizziness or fatigue.
3) It also helps to reduce stress and anxiety.
4) It stretches the body's internal parts and also helps to keep them active.
5) You can lengthen and stretch the spine by doing this exercise.
6) it also gives relief to the neck and lower back pain if you make it with the head and torso support.
7) It stretches the hips, ankles, and even thighs.
8) This exercise can make the body circulation normal and help the body to stay healthy.
9) you can stretch the muscles, ligaments, and tendons in the knee.
10) It also calms the mind and body.
11) helps to take strong and steady breathing.

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