Chest Dips Exercise is a full bodyweight exercise that is performed on parallel bars. You can also perform this exercise on pull-up and dip station. This exercise targets the multiple muscles of your body like- chest, triceps, and shoulders. There are two motives for doing this exercise. 1) Have Low reps if you want to strengthen your chest. 2) Have Higher reps if you want the muscle growth in your body.

How to do Chest Dips Exercise?


1) Have a parallel bar

2) Now just lift your body on the Bar using Arms strength

3) Make sure to have your Head in a neutral position.

4) Bent your knees.

5) Take your self down slowly.

6) Make sure to inhale while taking your self down and exhale while you go up.

7) Go down until your shoulders are below your elbows.

8) Make sure not to go more down as you may have shoulder injuries

9) When you go down you will feel a slight stretch in your chest, then push yourself up.

10) Repeat the same procedure

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Chest Dips Exercise

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Benefits of Chest Dips Exercise

1) You can Builds muscle by doing this workout.
2) Chest dips exercise increases the strength in your chest.
3) This exercise can actually increase the size of your triceps and shoulders.
4) It's one of the best exercises for upper body training in the minimal equipment.
5) If you want more result you can also have extra weight on your body like- a dip belt, dumbbell, or chain.

This is a Chest workout that is done at the end of your workout. However, you can also add this workout in the warmup process. It's a full upper body warmup workout that can be done in the form of warmup. This workout hits your shoulders, Chest, and Tricep muscles.

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