Cable Tricep Extension: If you are seeking to build big impressive looking arms then there is no doubt that you have to work out on triceps as the triceps are responsible for around 2/3 of the size of arms. But in order to best grow this muscle so you need to pick close attention to how you are performing the triceps. There are many great exercises to train the tricep. For example: - Cable Tricep Extension which is also known by many names such as pulley pushdown, tricep pushdown, rope pushdown, cable tricep pushdown. It is one of the best exercises to grow your triceps size.

How to do the Cable Tricep Extension?

  • The first thing which you need to get is a V bar, straight bar, or easy curl bar any of these which is available in the gym, and attach it to the machine.
  • Now what you are going to do is hold your bar, take one or two steps back trying to keep your feet together then keep a slight bend in your knees arch your back and you have to keep your elbows in front of your hips.
  • After bringing your elbows in front of hips, push the bar straight down. Now once you are all way down let it come back and make 90 degrees between your arms and then push straight down again.
  • During the whole movement you don’t have to move your elbows they need to be fixed in front of your hips so that the pressure remains constant on your triceps.
  • While performing this exercise keep your chest in an outward position and back in a straight position.
  • Now repeat this movement (step 3) again and again and perform the expected number of repetitions.

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Cable Tricep Extension

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Common Mistakes Done During Cable Tricep Extension

  1. What people usually are that they stand too near to the machine with their body position completely upright due to this posture your range of motion is compromised and tension on the tricep become minimum. So to correct this take one or two-step back from the machine slightly hinge at the hips and then perform the movement.
  2. If you are letting your elbow excessively sway forward and back during movement then you’re your weight is going on lats which is an exercise of the back. So what you need to do is bring your elbow down lock them at a place and then sway your arms.
  3. Try to do a quality number of reps instead of quantity. What some people do is that they perform an exercise at a very fast pace which not good, try to make the body to mind connection and perform reps slowly so that the weight goes on muscle.
  4. People hold bar either too close or too far. The correct position to hold it is the width of your shoulder.

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