Butt Bridge Exercise For Women:

1)Start by laying down on your back.
2)Pull your feet in shoulder-width apart closer in towards your hips. By bending at your knees to form a supported bridge.
3)Have both heels firmly planted on the ground.
4)Place your hands behind your heels stretching your fingertips to meet the back of your heel with your palms flat.
5)Raise your hips up off of the floor lifting up one vertebra at a time.

It's most recommended to follow the Below Image

Butt Bridge Exercise For Women

Butt Bridge Exercise For Women: Pulling in your abs and squeezing your glutes then slowly let your hips drop back down to the floor rounding down on your spine with control. Repeat the lift and the lower movement. Continually Working to tighten through your abs glutes and hamstrings.

Common mistakes

1) If you aren't aligned at the start of this move it's easy to lose your balance or fall to one side.

2) When lifting up your hips be sure to keep your feet parallel to start of this move so upon lifting up your glutes and rounding your back. Your hips are even stable with full support.


3) Be Careful you don't put too much pressure toward the outside of your feet or towards the ball of your foot when lifting up hips keep even pressure on the heel of your foot and then evenly spaced flat down on the ground to avoid extra strain on the outside of your joint maintaining even pressure from the base of your feet will help to keep your stable and allow you to perform the perfect exercise.


4)It's easy to thrust hips upward and lose control on the final lift and lowering without full concentration on the active muscles or by trying to use too much momentum articulate a controlled lift and lowering of glutes hips and low back in a careful moment the key is obsessed loop bridge is to control it and have no quick thrusts.

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