Bottom leg lift Exercise: This exercise is really going to target the inner thighs here. You just have to lift your bottom leg up and down underneath the top leg. Make sure while doing this exercise to the foot is flexed. This exercise is done for thigh training. in this exercise, the lower abs and the hips are the parts that are most challenged while doing this exercise. This workout does never require any type of equipment. While doing this exercise you loos your weight faster.

How To Do Bottom leg lift Exercise?

1) First, you have to lie on your left side resting on your left hand.
2) Now just take your right leg forward on the floor
3) Next, Raise your left leg up and down
4) Repeat the procedure

You can follow this procedure with your right leg too.

We Always Recommend to Follow Below Image

Bottom leg lift Exercise

Leg rais exercises normally strengthen your lower abdominal. You Lower and upper muscles are also targeted while doing this Bottom leg lift exercise.

The bottom leg lift is really going to target the inner thigh area. As you press that leg up, Just think about squeezing the inner thigh. Bring it up as high as you can. The higher you bring the leg, the more you're going to feel that deep squeeze in that inner thigh.

You are just taking that leg up and down. You make sure that your upper body stays stable. So, You're not rocking back and forth as you do the exercise. your core is tight and engaged. You're just taking that bottom leg up and down, up and down, just like that.

We usually recommend doing 10-12 Repetitions on either sid, doing 10-12 on one, and then 10-12 on the other. That's how you do this pilates side-lying leg lift.

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