Best 7 Hair oil: Oil is very important for healthy hair, just as water is as important for plants. But choosing a good oil for our hair is also a big challenge, every oil contains bad chemicals. The hair needs nourishment so that the hair grows well and appears and the tail is used to nourish the hair, but there are some oils that give hair to the hair.

Best 7 Hair oil

Some natural oils are product names that are good for all hair types.

1 Coconut oil

2 Olive oil

3 Argon oil

4 Jojoba oil

5 Avocado oil

6 Sweet Almond oil

7 Grapeseed  Oil

1 Coconut oil

coconut oil

  This is a chemical-free oil . it has Lauric   Acid properties. In a study it found that Lauric Acid is helpful for repairing damaged hairs it s also help to fulfill lack of hair Protean .coconut oil is good for hair growth and its very important.

Coconut oil best for every type of hair .hair expert recommend to you. Moisturizing hair treatment.

2 Olive Oil

oliv oil

Olive oil goes to hair roots easily like coconut oil. It gives marriage to your hair this ability is not in any hair oil . according to the International General of cosmetic science study, olive oil has Monosaturated fats which excess in hair roots and make hair strong.

    It also helps to protect with dryness according to season .two spoon of olive oil can do magic.

3 Argon oil

Argan oil

Argan oil is called Liquid Gold it is got from Morocco‘s Argan tree‘s seeds. it has famous a lot in some years. Argan oil used now for treatment this treatment Is useful for dry hair, falling hair sticky hair.

 Argan oil has a quality of conditioner it has Fanty Acid it helps to make hair  manageable 

4 Jojoba oil


JoJoba seeds have Liquid vacs and essential fatty acid it moisturizes your hair makes hair soft shiny .it also control dry skin of the head and solve dandruff problems.

It has too much demand in the market it has been used for long years.

5 Avocado oil

Avocado oil

it is the best source of Vitamin  E it is an Anti occident that is helpful in hair loss.

  but we cannot say that will it be helpful in hair growth or not .but it is very useful to repair broken hair. Avocado oil moisturize hair. people also use it as a hair, mask mixing oil in honey or white egg.

6 Sweet Almond oil


It is a very good oil this oil not sticky and you feel light after applying the Sweet Almond oil is a light hair is very useful for improving hair’s dullness or dryness and hair also don’t stick.

It makes your hair strong .it solves problems of dry skin or dandruff.

7 Grapeseed  Oil

grape-seed oil

Grapeseed oil is also a light hair oil  .it is helpful for that girl whose hair is thin

It sets hair .it s also helps to repair the damage. If you have problem of sticking hair so escape to apply I root .it use those people who have curly hair .it has Anti Occident properties.


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