Bent arm pullover: is a chest workout that is done for strengthening our chest from a different angle. This is workout is mostly done at the end of your all workouts. The chest is the Main Muscle Group of this workout. It Targets the Upper Chest Mainly. There are also some other muscles that are affected while doing this workout like- Triceps, Shoulders. This is a Strengthening workout. You need Dumbbell and Bench
to do this workout. This is an intermediate workout.

How to do Bent arm pullover?

1) Hold a Dumbbell using both hands.
2) Now just lie on a bench.
3) Take your feet on the floor(side of the bench).
4) Now Extend Elbows to hold directly above your chest.
5) Now, this is your starting position.
6) Without changing the angle of your elbows Inhale.
7) Next is just to draw your dumbbell backward over the head in ARC-Like Motion.
8) Make sure that your upper arms are in line.
9) Now Exhale and take your dumbbell to the starting position.
10) Repeat the Procedure.

It's most recommended at Below Image

Bent arm pullover

Check out Below Video

Benefits of Bent arm pullover

1) By doing Dumbbell bent arm pullover you can strengthen the muscles in the chest.
2) This exercise can fully engage the core muscles.
3) Its' also somehow bodyweight training.
4) It can increase muscle mass in your body.
5) Helps to increase Extra muscle in your chest.
6) It Also engages and strengthens the muscles nearby your Chest.
7) Your Shoulder is preferentially stimulated while doing this exercise.
8) You can increase the balance in your Upper Body.
9) It also Improves Cardiopulmonary Function.
10) It Improves Core Stability.

There are a lot of Benefits of this workout you must add this workout in your chest exercise. It can give you extra strength in your body. It most recommended workout by the most physicians.

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Logan_Wood · 01/10/2020 at 5:09 PM

The bent-arm dumbbell pull-over was a staple exercise of the Golden Era of bodybuilding and a favorite of Arnold Schwarzenegger himself. Done properly, the exercise targets the pecs, lats, and serratus anterior muscles. Old-school bodybuilders would perform them with light weights for sets of 20 between sets of heavy 20-rep squats, but pull-overs are more popular today in moderate rep ranges, such as 8-12 reps per set, as part of an upper-body workout.

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