Bench Glute kickback Exercise

Bench Glute kickback Exercise: This exercise Basically performs 3 important movements Like:- It Extends, rotates and extends the leg. When the leg is lifted it's called abduction. it gives a lot of muscle tension.

How to do Bench Glute kickback Exercise?

1) Now Attach your foot to the Cable Machine
2) Go into all fours and dangle the leg they even work.
3) Support with one hand on the bench and then one hand on the cable machine.
4) When you lower the leg bring the knee close to your chest and then kick your leg back just turning the foot out slightly.
5) Repeat it Multiple times

We recommend you always navigate to Images and given below videos too for better understanding.

Bench Glute kickback Exercise

So Knee is always very slightly bent. We never actually straighten the leg completely so knee comes to chest. Dig the heel squeeze bottom. Turn the foot out and you can see this more this side. you will see your glute is working and getting a little pump. So dig heel down squeeze glute, Turn the foot to the side. You have to feel here rather than wait so don't start this exercise with too heavyweight. Keep light and just focus on the movement. Keeping your core protecting your lower back and dig your heel down and just really squeeze for feel not wait to begin with.

So the bench cable blew kickbacks then make sure the bench is moved away slightly from the cable it should allow you some room then to kick the leg back.

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