How to do Backward Lunge Exercise?

1)Stand upright.
2)Have a large backward using your left foot.
3) Lower your hips now.
4) Get to the Starting Position by pressing your right heel.

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Backward Lunge Exercise

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Backward Lunge Exercise: This is a backward lunge exercise. We do it for some hip Flexibility. As well as for a little bit of stability when you're using it so what you're going to do the first stage is to start just in standing you're going to do a backward lunge I'm b=making sure when I lunge back that I'm dropping straight down my knees not going forward over the top of my toes and I'm also getting an extension. Through that hip, I've not flexed the hip, and then after I've done my lunge I'm back up to standing your can alternate legs as you do that and repeat a few times. That's kind of the first stage of it.

The second stage would be then to take your arms into a position where you're less stable so behind your neck and then to continue the backward lunge. Using my core to stabilize me as I'm doing that and then, I'm using my glutes. My quads my hamstrings to pop me up. But, the big thing is that you're getting this mobility through the hip. As you're dropping down.

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