What to do in back pain: - In today's time, everyone is busy with their daily routine.  Everyone is worried about how much money is earned today. No one has enough time to pay proper attention to his health. If someone has a problem, do not consider it as small, and due to which the problem starts to grow slowly and takes serious form.  After that, the person suffers from that paranoia for a long time. A similar problem is a pain. Which can happen to anyone.

Back pain is common in today's run-of-the-mill life. These problems can arise due to many reasons such as sitting for long periods of time, standing jerks, and falling.  Nowadays, this problem can be seen in all children and older people. While in men, this problem is caused by sitting on the chair for a long time and climbing up the stairs, on the other hand, this problem occurs in women wearing high heels and during menstruation. No one can make an effort to escape from this problem.

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In earlier times, only a few people used to suffer from pain, but nowadays, whoever they see is worried about their back and back pain.  The real reason for this is that the people of earlier times used to eat food rich in full diet and all the nutrients, due to which there was no deficiency of any nutrient in their body.  But the routine of today's people is so busy that they have no time for it. Pith dard ka ilaj kaise kare

Back pain is called back pain, this pain occurs in the muscles, bones, and reed bones.  According to research, 2 out of every 5 people are troubled by this problem.

Do you also have trouble bending due to which you cannot lift the object lying on the ground?  Do you not even be able to sit in one place for long?  If yes, do not delay and immediately pay attention to your problem. Today we are going to tell about the solutions to this common problem, with the help of which you can easily get rid of this problem.  So let's know the solution to relieve back pain.

  • Read these also to prevent eye irritation and itching
  • What causes back pain?
  • Do not sit or walk straight
  • Joint wear
  • Due to injury
  • Overburden
  • Spinal cord slipping
  • By not exercising
  • By exercising more force on the body while exercising
  • Not eating a balanced meal
  • Not sleeping properly
  • Sleeping on a foam mattress,
  •  By sitting in one place for hours
  •  Jerk off
  •  Surgical delivery

Back pain can also be caused by obesity

Too much mental pressure, tension, anxiety, and exhaustion causes tension in the back muscles which causes back pain.


 Symptoms of Pain: -

  1. Continuous mild pain in the lower back
  2. Body stiffness and pain
  3. Acute pain
  4. A similar pain condition persists in the lower part of the patient's waist.
  5. Measures to relieve back pain
 Exercise to reduce pain

 Exercise to reduce pain

Many types of body-related problems can be relieved with exercise.  Exercise causes stress on the muscles and bones of the human body by which they become flexible and adapt to the situation when needed.  This does not compel them and there is no pain in the bones.  Do the following exercises for back pain.

  • stretching
  • Cat Pose Exercises
  • Knee roll exercises
Concentrate on food and drink

Concentrate on food and drink:-

According to doctors, by taking care of physical exercise and correct posture, the problem of the pain can be relieved.  But to get rid of the pain it is also necessary for the body to get proper nutrition. According to doctors, along with physical exercise, it is also very important to take care of diet.


  • Always sit with a straight back and walk.
  • Do not do the postures leaning forward and stop exercising if there is pain.
  • Do not sit in the chair continuously for a long time.  Get up and take a walk at a few intervals.
  • Do not carry objects weighing.  If raised, bend the knees first and then lift.  It will not be stressed at the waist.

Include fish, grains, gourd, sesame seeds, and green vegetables in the diet.  The nutrients present in the work to strengthen the bones.

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