Arm scissors Exercise: It works your deltoids. Make sure to Change the other arm on the top each time you cross. Don't forget to keep your arms at shoulder height. Pay attention to keep the belly tightened. Keep your arms straight and fully controlled. Make sure not to shrug. Keep sinking shoulders all the time. The two shoulders blades should be pushed down and then tightened inwards. Do not raise your arms too high.

How to do Arm scissors Exercise?

1)First, Stand upright with your feet shoulder-width apart.
2) Now just stretch arms from of yourself till shoulder height with one arm.
3) Next, Overlap the other in the shape of the Letter "X"
4) Now spread them apart.
5) Now just switch the arms and repeat the exercise.

Follow the image for the best Practices

Arm scissors Exercise

Check out Below Video

Always keep your elbows lower than shoulders. This can really help avoid shrugging also. It's the most easy cardio exercise that helps you losing you weight. You can also lose your arm's fat ver fast.

The benefit of Arm Scissor

1) This is the most effective exercise for weight loss.
2) While You are doing this exercise you can also lose the shoulder fat.
3) This is the most effective arms exercise that gives you a well active arm.
4) You can easily shape your arm by doing Arm Scissor exercise.
5) This is also a type of Fat removal Exercise.
6) You can add this amazing workout in your daily routine
7) This exercise is done by most of the physicians in the form of warmup.
8) Most of the people have too much fat on their arms. They must follow this exercise to remove their Fat over Arms.
9) This exercise can also increase the strength of your arms and give it an awesome posture.
10) This exercise is mainly recommended to use for losing weight.

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