Arm Circles clockwise: This is an awesome way to actually build some muscular endurance in the shoulder. This exercise is going to help if you have a rotator cuff injury or if you're tight and gentle in that area. It'll bring a lot of blood to that are now. This is an awesome exercise for the deltoid muscle.

How to do Arm Circles clockwise?

1) Just stand on the floor using your arms extended.
2) Straight out to the sides at shoulder height.
3) Move your arms clockwise in the circle's motion.
4) You just have to repeat this procedure Fast as much fast you can do.
5) Now follow the same procedure while moving your shoulder in counterclockwise.
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Arm Circles clockwise

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Arm Circles clockwise: Start this workout with a deep stretch. So, your arms will be limber and have mobility. This workout is an ideal way to begin the workout since this move will tone your arms and act as a warmup as well. Don't hunt your shoulders - Maintain the proper posture. You feed should be shoulder-width apart. This exercise must be followed until at least 60 Seconds.

Make sure to keep your core engaged by tucking in your tummy and standing tall. The circle must be just big enough that you don't have to lift your shoulders. If you actually want the approach, You can hold the tight dumbbells. But we recommend it only if you know your body can take it. Otherwise, you'll be really sore later. If your arms are starting to get tired, Don't lower them because you'll be missing out on the fat burn.

The longer you do this exercise the more you'll feel it in your arms and upper back. Your shoulders are also getting a nice stretch form this move.

We recommend you do this easy move every day for 60 seconds.

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